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MacMini in the Garden
MacMini in the Garden

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Bollywood shoot in Vegas
Bollywood shoot in Vegas

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NYC View with MacBook
NYC View with MacBook

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MacMini in the Garden
MacMini in the Garden

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Recent Jobs

  • DIT - Feature Film TBD, Los Angeles, CA (U)

  • DIT - DocuReality, Los Angeles, CA

  • DIT - Commercial, Los Angeles, CA

  • DIT - TBD, Painless TV, Various Locations, USA

  • DIT - TBD, CNN, Los Angeles, CA 

  • DIT - Collide, Los Angeles, CA 

  • DIT - The Grotto, Los Angeles, CA (U)

  • DIT - Take Out, HBO Max, Westminster, CA

  • DIT - Digital Content Pilot, Welcome, NC

  • DIT - Alien Encounters Declassified, Long Beach, CA

  • AC - Dinner with Racers, Long Beach, CA

  • DIT - Play Dead, Pomona, CA 

  • Utility - WW Your Life In Focus, Los Angeles, CA

  • DIT - American Outdoors, Death Valley

  • DIT - Dead Files, Travel Channel, Various Locations, USA

  • DIT - Corporate Media Day, Palm Springs, CA

  • Cam Op - Speaker Video Summit, Burbank, CA

  • AC - Disney Social Content, Burbank, CA

  • DIT - Short Film, Los Angeles, CA

  • DIT - Intel Intersect Festival, Las Vegas, NV

  • DIT - Feature Film, Los Angeles, CA

  • AC - Dinner with Racers, Palm Springs, CA

  • DIT - Forbes 30 Under 30, Detroit, MI

  • DIT - Reality Pilot, Los Angeles, CA

  • DIT - Ford Commercial, Los Angeles, CA

In November 2020, I started flying a DJI Mavic Mini drone to learn how to fly and capture great moments. Check out my Instagram for more video samples!

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